YWOW Brands USA’s Inaugural Assortment | Source: YWOW Brands

Following early success and fast growth in international markets, YWOW Games has evolved into YWOW Brands for its official launch into the U.S. market.

The company behind a large range of eco-friendly, officially licensed puzzles launched in 2018 and was previously featured in an installment of Talkin’ Toys here at the Toy Book. Over the past year, YWOW Brands has grown to see its products distributed in more than 50 markets around the world just as the popularity of games and puzzles began to surge.

“With the rise of puzzle play in the U.S. and the growing interest in supporting sustainable brands, now is the perfect time for us to launch our wide-portfolio of licensed puzzles,” says Michele Rudelli, founder YWOW Brands. “We take great pride in our product line, which is developed using eco-friendly materials and incorporates a multitude of fun licenses that resonate with the entire family. As a result, we’re already receiving incredible feedback in our new puzzles and are anticipating a great holiday season.”

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At launch, the YWOW Brands assortment includes SuperSized Puzzles inspired by Kool-Aid and Heinz Ketchup; and Mini Puzzles featuring Mentos, JELL-O, and Pringles, all of which come in reusable packaging.

“Not only is all of our packaging eco-friendly, kids and parents alike can use the packaging to build and create new DIY activities,” Rudelli says. “It’s part of the extended play value and does not need to be limited to just another storage box.”

The full range of YWOW Brands Mini and SuperSized Puzzles are available through Amazon, Walmart, and other select retailers.