Miraculous is a popular animated series, making it a target for counterfeit products. | Source: ZAG

ZAG, the production and animation company behind the popular Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir series, has prevented $113 million in counterfeit products from entering the global market since establishing its anti-piracy department in September of 2021.

“Demand for Miraculous is at an all-time high and, as with any brand that has amassed such a passionate following, we are wide-open to counterfeit products hitting the market,” says ZAG Founder and CEO Jeremy Zag. Since September 2021, 145,000 product listings from over 80,000 sellers have been removed from markets, which represents around 8.4 million products valued at $113 million. 

A more specific example of ZAG’s aggressive combatting of piracy is the recent detainment of 26,000 counterfeit fashion dolls at Port of Santos in Brazil. The dolls were removed by the Brazilian Federal Revenue working with ZAG’s legal representatives. 

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Angela Cortez, ZAG’s vice president of licensing Latin America, says, “Brazil is a large territory with multiple ports of entry for illegal products to flow into and across the Latin America region.  This latest seizure of counterfeit goods is an important win for ZAG and our partners, as toy sales always increase at the beginning of October for Children’s Day, a National Holiday in Brazil.”

In addition to the latest product seizures, 18,000 social media posts that were streaming content illegally or featured counterfeit products have been removed since the department’s inception. ZAG’s strong zero-tolerance policy represents a large investment in anti-piracy measures, which ZAG likely hopes will lead consumers to purchase exclusively from approved sources.

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