The collection is full of Miraculous toys. | Source: ZAG

It’s a big year for ZAG with a new line of toys and a movie coming later this year. Now, the company has inked its first ever pet license with ZippyPaws.

“So many families have pets who are, quite simply, part of the family, and as Miraculous has broad appeal to families, our move into pet licensing is a natural extension for the brand,” says Jeremy Zag, Founder and CEO of ZAG. “ZippyPaws designs their products not only with lifestyle in mind but also produces the highest quality products that are the safest in the market.”

The collection is themed after Ladybug and Cat Noir, each getting different versions of the same designs.

Source: ZAG

“We’re so excited to partner with ZAG as the first pet license for Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir,” says Ashley Newman, Director of Marketing and Communications for ZippyPaws. “This collection takes characters and imagery from such a beloved property and really gave us an opportunity to put a fresh new spin on classic ZippyPaws products. As leaders in the pet industry, we took this as an opportunity to bring a brand that is already so family-oriented, into a category directed to the four-legged members of the family.”

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The new line of Miraculous pet toys includes Cheeky Chums plush versions of Ladybug and Cat Noir, a two-pack of Kwami plush, Rope Gliderz discs, the Miraculous Squeakie Pattiez Miracle Box plush with two squeakers, and the Miraculous Patterned Bone inspired by the Lucky Charms in the show.

Over the past year, the pet category has grown to become a truly toy-adjacent revenue stream for multiple companies. For a look at how toymakers are getting in on the action, check out the pets showcase in the 2023 edition of The BIG Toy Book, available now.