ZURU launches Rainbocorns, a new line of collectible plush that kids can hatch from a mystery egg. The plush features reversible sequins, hair play, and additional enchanted creatures. An animated web series will launch in September on YouTube, which follows the Rainbocorns on their adventures in Rainboville. The episodes will follow the gang as they hatch new Rainbocorns and go on various escapades around Rainboville with friends.

Every Rainbocorn comes in a big pink mystery reusable egg. There are 12 different Rainbocorns based on six animals, and each animal comes in two designs. Kids can collect Puppycorns, Kittycorns, Hamstercorns, Bunnycorns, Unicorns, and Monkeycorns.

Each Rainbocorn also comes with a baby Boo-Boocorn, a tiny collectible baby hidden in a secret egg for another layer of surprise. There are more than 20 Boo-Boocorns to collect, including the rare twin Boo-Boocorns.

Rainbocorns will be available at major U.S. retailers in August.