The Singing Machine Launches New Kids Line

Blackboard Calculator_SingingMachine Kids_preview_blogThe Singing Machine Co. Inc. launched its new sing-along product line for kids, including five products made for kids from preschool to elementary school. Highlights include the Mic Guy Bluetooth Sing-Along, Mic Guy Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Microphone, Candy House Sing-Along, Blackboard calculator, and MOOD.

In addition, through its continued partnership with Stingray, The Singing Machine will launch a karaoke mobile app for kids this fall. The app will feature vocals synchronized to music and on-screen lyrics, and will be available on iOS and Android devices.

Horizon Group Expands STMT Line

Horizon Group new STMT kitsHorizon Group USA will expand its line STMT kits with new themes. Inspired by what’s hot in today’s lifestyle trends, these DIY activities for teens have a trendy, modern touch such as designing jewelry to creating home-spa experiences.

The three new items in the line include the Hand Stamped Jewelry Kit, DIY Journal Set, and Bath Bombs kit. The new products are available now online and in-stores at Barnes & noble, Nordstrom, Target, and Toys “R” Us.

Mattel, Dash Robotics Launch Kamigami

Kamigami_blogMattel and Dash Robotics introduced of the updated and enhanced Kamigami, a build-it-yourself robot platform for kids inspired by insects.

Kamigami is the brain child of two UC Berkeley PhD graduates, who previously used their expertise in robotics and biomimicry to complete projects for the U.S. Army and NSF. Kids can fold and snap flat sheets of durable plastic together to create robotic praying mantises, scorpions, and more. Once kids build their Kamigami, they can program it to maneuver around all kinds of terrain and interact with friends’ Kamigami robots. Dash Robotics, in collaboration with Mattel, debuted the enhanced Kamigami at Target. [Read more...]

YouTube Star Karina Garcia Launches Official Make-Your-Own Slime Kit

craftcity_slime_blogYouTube star Karina Garcia launched a new brand, Craft City by Karina Garcia. Widely known for her DIY slime videos, Garcia partnered with Brandable to launch Craft City with the release of the first product, the Official Make-Your-Own Slime Kit by Karina Garcia, which is now exclusively available nationwide at Target both in-store and online.

Garcia and Brandable started working together earlier this year with suppliers to create designs, source, and manufacture safe materials. The kit includes everything kids need to assemble eight different slime creations, including a variety of color tablets, blue glitter, glow coloring powder, and more. Garcia also reveals exclusive tips and tricks, while still encouraging her fans to follow her motto of, “Creating On Your Own Terms” and adding any desired unique fun to the recipes.

Skyrocket Launches Sky Viper V2450 GPS Drone


Skyrocket LLC launched the Sky Viper V2450 GPS Streaming Video Drone, the company’s latest drone. The new drone features a return-to-home button, a built-in GPS, and is made with ArduPilot firmware and uses positional awareness for easy navigation.

The new Sky Viper GPS Drone is one of nine different drones to choose from in the Sky Viper line, including the Sky Viper Stunt Drone, which is the number one selling toy drone in the U.S. for August 2017, according to The NPD Group.

In addition to high-tech features, the drone is durable and has user-friendly navigation. Users can navigate the drone with one finger and a single joystick or maintain a stable hover in mid-air with no hands on the controller. Then, with the press of a button, the built-in GPS automatically brings it home.

The Sky Viper GPS Drone uses a network of satellites for positional awareness, pinpointing its exact location in relation to the pilot. The drone also continuously checks its position and self-adjusts as needed, automatically correcting for the effects of wind to maintain its coordinates.

Sky Viper V2450 GPS Streaming Drone is currently available at all major retailers.

Wham-O to Launch Stay ‘N Play Line

Stay N Play blog

Wham-O will launch its new Stay ‘N Play line, a mix of indoor party games for the whole family. The line includes an assortment of challenging and timed party and inflatable games.

Each of the 20 Stay ‘N Play games will take between one and five minutes to complete, such as seeing who can use his or her body to shake the most ping pong balls out of a plastic container attached to his or her waist in a minute, or a race to see which team can throw the most balls in the plastic cups fastened to one teammate’s arms and legs.

The line will be available in October next year, and orders are currently being accepted.

Disguise Launches Minecraft Costume Line

disguise_minecraftDisguise Inc., the Halloween costume division of Jakks Pacific Inc., launched the first Minecraft costumes and accessories collection. The line is available now at retailers nationwide. The costumes and accessories are based on characters from Minecraft, the sandbox video game where players mine and craft 3-D blocks in a world of varied biomes and terrain. [Read more...]

Sakar Showcases New Youth Electronics

Sakar International partnered with Spin Master, Beat Bugs, Sony, and more for new youth electronics based on popular kids properties. The company will showcase these new products at Fall Toy Preview in Dallas from Oct. 3 to 5. [Read more...]

Beasts of Balance Now Available at Apple Stores and Online

beastsofbalanceSensible Object’s Beasts of Balance is now available on and in Apple stores in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Beasts of Balance fuses augmented reality with a tabletop game. Players build a tower of beasts by scanning physical pieces into an app using the Plinth, and must must evolve the world before the tower falls over. To succeed, players have to keep their tower and the ecosystem of their world in balance, stacking all 24 pieces and caring for the virtual beasts they create.

Already available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad, the connected Beasts of Balance app is now also available on the App Store for Apple TV in nine different languages. The Beasts of Balance edition sold on and in Apple Stores includes an exclusive new beast ‘The Ghost Crab,’ which has different properties—depending on if it is dead or alive.

eOne Expands Consumer Products Program for PJ Masks

JakksPJMasksEntertainment One expands its consumer products program for PJ Masks, including new ride-ons, bicycles, safety helmets, and more debuting this fall and into early 2018.

PJ Masks gear hitting retail nationwide includes the Catboy Cat-Car and Gekko Mobile ride-ons from Jakks Pacific. These custom sculpted, kid-powered vehicles come with flashing lights, sound effects, and play the PJ Masks theme song. Jakks will also offer the Happy Hauler, a wagon that transforms into a ride-on with at the press of a button, and the PJ Masks Playland. [Read more...]