FEBRUARY 2022: New Product Issue

• Comprehensive 2022 product coverage for all categories, including Activities & Construction, Dolls & Plush, Games & Puzzles, Impulse & Collectibles, Infant & Preschool, Outdoor & Active, Vehicles & Action Figures, and more.
• State of the Toy Industry: Q&A with industry leaders, retailers, and manufacturers about toy trends and hot topics in the toy industry; 2022 forecast; insight from The NPD Group; and full-year 2021 statistics.
• Trending Features
Bonus Distribution at Toy Fair New York
Editorial Deadline: 12/22/21
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Advertising Deadline: 1/10/22
Release: 2/19/22
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MAY 2022: Classics Issue

• 2022 coverage of classic, open-ended play categories, including Dolls, Plush, Games & Puzzles, Arts & Crafts, and Construction
• Profiles of top licensed properties
• Show Me the Goods: Licensed kids’ product showcase across all categories
• Trending Features
Bonus Distribution at Licensing Expo
Editorial Deadline: 3/4/22
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Ad Deadline: 4/11/22
Release: 5/24/22
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JUNE 2022: Specialty Toy Issue

• Specialty toy showcase in all categories
• Chatting with the Industry: Q&A with specialty retailers and manufacturers about the latest trends, industry happenings, and how business strategies are evolving in the specialty toy market.
• Trending Features
Bonus Distribution at Marketplace & Academy
Editorial Deadline: 4/6/22
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Ad Deadline: 5/2/22
Release: 6/12/22
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AUGUST 2022: TOTY Issue

• TOTY Nominee Showcase
• TOTY 2002 Flashback
• TOTY Feature
• Welcome Page
• Toy Hall of Fame Inductees

Editorial Deadline: 7/18//22
Ad Deadline: 8/1/22
Release: 8/15/22
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SEPTEMBER 2022: 2023 Preview Issue

• Holiday 2022 Launch Showcase in all categories
• 2023 Toy Preview Showcase in all categories
• 2023 Industry Forecast
• Trending Features
Editorial Deadline: 8/3/22
Ad Deadline: 8/8/22
Release: 9/20/22
Bonus Distribution at Toy Association’s 2023 Preview & 2022 Holiday Market in Dallas
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November 2022: Innovation Issue

• 2023 coverage of toy categories constantly evolving and innovating, including STEM, R/C, Eco-Friendly, and Collectibles
• Hot Holiday Trends Roundup
• Trending Features
Editorial Deadline: 10/4/22
Ad Deadline: 10/24/22
Release: 11/15/22
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Toy Book Departments

Departments are featured inside every issue of the Toy Book. Department topics are chosen by the editorial staff. If you are interested in being featured or writing a department, please reach out.

ASTRA’s Insights
The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) offers the Toy Book’s readers an update on the latest happenings in the organization. Topics include how to make the most of Neighborhood Toy Store Day, being media-ready for the holidays, and more.

Throwback! Did you know that some of the greatest toys of all time were created by accident? Backstories profile the history of an iconic property that is relevant to the toy and entertainment industries.

Changing the Game
From the latest in next-gen consoles to software sales and consumer gaming habits, these features offer the latest in the video game industry.

Compliance & Regulations
This department focuses on topics such as safeguarding and improving ethical and sustainability standards in the global toy industry supply chain, written by watchdog organization ICTI Ethical Toy Program.

Twenty years ago, Britney Spears dolls were selling like crazy and amazon.com just launched a toy section. This page is a fun look back on news, sales trends, and new products from the previous decades. 

Giving Back
These features highlight players in the toy industry that offer a charitable component to their business models.

Industry Insights
These features share the latest perspectives with fresh data.

Industry Update
The latest and most important news briefs to keep the industry updated.

Marketing Memo
Take advantage of these tips for manufacturers and retailers on best practices for all things marketing, such as how to effectively use social media to enhance your brand, where and how to advertise your products, how to get consumers to learn about your store, and more.

Media Mashup
This showcase features the latest in kids’ entertainment, including books, video games, music, movies, and more. 

New in Town
Hello, are you new here? This feature profiles a new player in the industry making big waves, from start-ups to indie manufacturers.

Outside the Box
The way toy companies present their products to consumers really, really matters. This department analyzes product packaging, brand-building, product placement, and more to determine how the little details make all the difference.

Property Profile
A spotlight on a hot property in the toy or entertainment industries accompanied by a toy-specific product showcase.

Raising the Bar
This department offers legal advice and analysis of topics manufacturers and retailers should be aware of, such as the importance of trademarking your brand, how to combat counterfeit toys, and more.

Retail Rundown
From mass retailers to hometown shops, this feature highlights retailers making a mark in the toy industry. 

Spotlight On
This profile is about individuals making moves in the toy industry, from inventors to designers and more.

Stat Shot
The latest stats in the toy industry, covering top properties, sales trends, and more!

Talkin’ Toys
A Q&A with a manufacturer, retailer, or industry expert on new initiatives, new product lines, plans for the year, and other relevant topics.

Toy Association Perspectives
The Toy Association offers its view on the latest happenings in the industry, such as trending topics, its own reports, the latest on tariff regulations, and more. 

Toy Association Update
The Toy Association gives our readers an update on what the organization is up to, including upcoming events, seminars, and more.

WIT Stories Women in Toys, Licensing, & Entertainment contributes to the Toy Book each issue with features covering topics like how to bring a product to market, making the most out of networking events, and more.

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Maddie Michalik maddie@toybook.com

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