Hide ‘N Cheek | Source: Big G Creative

Big G Creative continues its expansion into games for the whole family with the introduction of Hide ‘N Cheek.

In Hide ‘N Cheek, players face off in an effort to become the chipmunk with the most nuts.

Designed for players ages 6 and up, the four-player game will have families turning into chipmunks with custom masks that include expanding cheek pouches.

“Hide ‘N Cheek is a great way to come together as a family for some lighthearted fun,” says Shannon Swindle, director of product development, Big G Creative. “Kids will get a kick out of seeing their parents in the chipmunk masks. It’s pure joy in a nutshell!”

The game includes the four masks, four hollow logs, and 40 nuts (36 red, four green) for cheek-packing gameplay. To play, one player will place a limited amount of nuts inside the hollow logs and mix them around. The rest of the players must pick the nuts and put them into the cheek pouches on their masks. If a player gets a green (bad) nut, they must give a nut to the player who dealt that round.

Hide ‘N Cheek | Source: Big G Creative

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The game takes around 20 minutes to play and ends when the nuts are gone. The person with the most nuts in the end wins the game.

Hide ‘N Cheek is exclusively available at Target for $19.99.

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