Branded entertainment company Big Tent Entertainment has announced that Domo has now come to the iPhone for a new gaming adventure through a new partnership with Horse Feathers, in association with Playlithium.

A return to the popularized side scrolling genre that started the modern era of gaming, Domo The Journey lets players take on the role of Domo to race through five different zones and explore more than 25 levels of gameplay to rescue Tashanna, who has been kidnapped by the grouchy Hungry Bear. Dashing through the forest, dodging deadly saws, riding underground mine carts and traversing freezing Alps, the game will take Domo through visual landscapes and animation while dodging characters who stand in the way.

Available now, Domo The Journey is the latest digital offering giving fans a fresh way to interact with the character, following in his recent arrival on Xbox Live and PlayStation Home. On Xbox Live, Domo fans can purchase 17 different types of character-inspired clothing and three animated Domo props that interact with their online avatars. PlayStation Home gives users 13 animated Domo companions for subscribers’ avatars along with 15 different types of clothing including T-shirts and hats.