Arts and crafts YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth and Bonkers Toys are launching a new plush line.

Bonkers Toys is known for its portfolio of licensing partnerships with YouTubers. The company has developed products for Ryan’s World, Lankybox, and Aphmau. Now it’s adding another YouTuber to the lineup, as Moriah Elizabeth launches a full series of mystery box plush toys insipred by original characters kids will recognize from her channel.

There are eight plush to collect in the first series. | Source: Bonkers Toys

The Moriah Elizabeth 6-inch Mystery Plush Series 1 features characters created by Moriah Elizabeth herself. Each plush is a surprise thanks to the mystery box packaging. There are eight total characters to collect in Series 1: Georgie, Cathy, Bumblebear, Lemon, Cousin Derp, Pickle, Rosie, and Cuepy.

Moriah Elizabeth’s YouTube channel is known for its series such as Fixing Your Squishes and Squishy Makeovers, where she takes squishable toys and transforms them with paint and other tools. These and other crafting videos are where Moriah Elizabeth created her original characters. Other series from the channel include Thrift Store Makeovers, Bake with Me, and more.

The Moriah Elizabeth 6-inch Mystery Plush Series 1 is available at Walmart and will launch at additional retailers next spring. Bonkers Toys and Moriah Elizabeth have additional plans for the future as well. Next fall, the two will launch even more products, including full-sized plush, collectible figures, and giant mystery eggs.

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