Cody Simpson Debuts New Dolls at Toys “R” Us

Teen pop singer Cody Simpson and The Wish Factory, Inc. unveiled two Cody Simpson dolls at Toys “R” Us Times Square today. I attended to learn more about the dolls and meet Cody Simpson.

The collection consists of two dolls, both 11.5 inches, featuring the Australian singer’s side-swept surfer-styled hair and clothes Simpson wears. One doll is dressed in a Gold Coast T-shirt and khakis, and the other doll wears a denim jacket and black pants. Both dolls include a pair of shoes, sunglasses, a microphone, a guitar pick, and lanyard. The guitar pick included varies from box to box, some with angel wings and the word “Angel,” and others with an emoticon smiley face and the numbers “143” to mean “I love you.”

Scott Bachrach, president of The Wish Factory, which designed the dolls, said the guitar picks’ designs came from the fans, who call themselves Cody’s angels, and can become collectible items used as key chains and more. Simpson told us that he was involved throughout the doll-making process to give feedback on the look of the doll and its clothes.

The dolls, completed from start to finish in 106 days, are available exclusively at Toys “R” Us stores nationwide and online for $16.99 each.

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