Monopoly Gives Away the Bank

This summer, Hasbro is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Monopoly by giving away the bank, which totals $20,580. The contest, Monopoly “Money Makes it Real,” started on July 15 and runs through September 3. Fans can visit and describe what they would do if the money in their Monopoly game were real. Entries are limited to 75 words or less and will be based on how they “demonstrate a commitment o the spirit of Monopoly, such as travel, home repair or any other activity inspired by the history of the game, the Community Chest and Chance cards, the tokens, or the game play.” After the entries are collected, participants invite friends and family to vote for their entry to be picked as one out of the 75 entrants with the most votes. The final 75 participants, picked on September 27, will be considered for the grand prize.

Additionally, Monopoly is giving away the bank to S.O.S. Children’s Villages, a charity organization that builds houses for abandoned and at risk children. For 75 hours starting at midnight GMT on September 27, fans can vote for which project they want to see funded. Projects include daycare, medical supplies, school fees, seeds for family farms, soccer balls, and more.

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