This year, Hasbro’s Nerf will take the N-Strike line’s technology to the next level with the N-Strike Elite line’s three new products:

The Hail-Fire Blaster has a clip carousel with the capacity for up to 144 darts and shoots a stream of N-Strike Elite darts up to 75 feet.

Available September 9

The Rampage Blaster’s 25-dart drum allows the choice between fast-paced slam-fire and deliberate single shot mode.

Available August 1

The Retaliator Blaster incorporates a removable stock, barrel, and drop-down handle enabling several configurations, all of which fire darts up to 75 feet, creating the necessary blaster for each mission.

Available August 1

The N-Strike Elite darts will be fully compatible with most N-Strike classic and N-Strike Elite blasters. All products are for ages 8 and up.

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