Sphero, the gaming system that uses a robotic ball you control from your smartphone or tablet, has released a number of updates and new games. New offerings include Exile, Colorgrab, Tag, Golf V2, and DoodleGrub. Their improved firmware now offers a better gaming experience through vector drive, fast aiming, and auto leveling.

On September 14, Orbotix will release Sphero V2—which combines Sphero, Drive, and SpheroCam and offers new functionality and links to the SpheroVerse community.

Want more details about the new offerings? Check out the descriptions below:

  • Exile: A totally new take on arcade-style space fighter games. Sphero has been exiled from his home planet and must fight his way back to save all Robot kind. Fly through space while destroying enemies and collecting energy cores. For enhanced gameplay, hold Sphero in your hand and use it to control your spaceship.
  • ColorGrab: Get ready to test your speed with the first multiplayer tabletop game for Sphero. Sphero flashes different colors and you must pick him up at the right time to earn points. Set point goals, select levels of difficulty, and compete against friends and the clock to see who has the best reflexes.
  • Tag: Now you and your friends can play tag using the first multiplayer game for Sphero. Utilizing innovative collision detection technology, Red Light Green Light is the first in a series of games in the Sphero TAG app. Take away other players’ lives when their Sphero turns from green to red by bumping into them. In this competitive group game, the last player with lives wins. TAG is initially available for iOS only.
  • Golf V2: The golf game now has better accuracy, improved course creation, and a new practice mode. Using simple, intuitive controls, you create a “hole” and then “hit” Sphero with a flick of a finger or a swing of your smartphone. Adjust your aim with simple two-finger gestures. All that’s missing now is a caddy.
  • DoodleGrub: Use Sphero as a controller to navigate the grub, eating apples as you go. Earn points and grow in length. But be careful to avoid collisions with nasty enemies. Once they hit the grub’s head the game is over.

Created by Orbotix, a company dedicated to reinventing fun and gaming through consumer-facing robotics and phone-controlled open devices, Sphero can be purchased online or at Brookstone. To view the entire library of Sphero apps, visit http://www.gosphero.com/apps/.

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