Hosted by Infocast Business Intelligence and endorsed by the Toy Industry Association (TIA), the inaugural Safer Consumer Products Summit: The Road to Product Compliance in California and Other States will take place from September 6-7 in San Jose, California. TIA members can register for the event online and receive a 15 percent discount using the code 129044.

With a focus on state and federal green chemistry initiatives, the summit will provide brand companies, suppliers, and manufacturers that directly or indirectly play a role in the consumer goods market in California with compliance information, resources, and strategic insights in the face of new and emerging product and chemical regulations.

The summit’s first-day keynote address, “Towards a New Regulatory Paradigm,” will be delivered by Debbie Raphael, director, DTSC, who will discuss how the department is working to address both industry and NGO concerns, timelines for roll-out, enforcement mechanisms, and future directions in its implementation of new regulations for safer consumer products and cleaner production.

TIA Senior Vice President of Technical Affairs Alan Kaufman will also participate in the event, speaking on a panel entitled “Industry Responses to the New Regulations.” The panel will address strategic questions regarding the protection of trade secrets under a proposed mandate for companies to share data across competitive lines; easing compliance burdens on small and medium sized companies; and more.

A pre-summit forum, “Innovating for Safer Greener Products,” will take place on September 5, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., highlighting innovation opportunities driven by the new Green Chemistry regulations.

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