Sign of Growth For Most Global Toy Markets

According to The NPD Group, toy sales from January to October in 11 global toy markets showed signed of growth. Outside of the U.S. and UK, which experienced moderate revenue declines, and Spain, which saw flat sales, the countries that were analyzed—Germany, Poland, France, Australia, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and Portugal—experienced revenue growth when compared to the same period last year.

Action figures, accessories & role play, arts & crafts, and building sets were the supercategories that showed growth in almost every country measured. Youth electronics and plush had the highest declines. Recently, The NPD Group reported that U.S. toy industry sales fell 3 percent during the 12 months ending August 2009 compared to last year. Despite the drop, said the group, the toy industry’s gain for the 12-month period outperformed consumer product categories including apparel, consumer technology, and video games.

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Guest Auther

Guest Auther