Courtesy of The Teachers and Parents Store

With the arrival of summer, Teachers & Parents Store has announced a number of tips for parents to help children to reduce the learning loss and bridge the gap of summer vacation.

“Studies show that children can lose up to 2.6 months of grade level equivalency skills during the summertime,” said Megan Wright of TAPS. “This is an important time for parents to encourage their children to continue learning. Making it fun helps them to retain more information.”

Wright suggested that parents choose a summer learning workbook appropriate to their child’s age and grade level and do activities regularly. Workbooks focus on a variety of school subjects, including reading, language arts, science social studies, math, writing and physical education.

One way to keep a child’s learning skills fresh is to schedule summer workbook activities for about 20 minutes every day so that it becomes a part of the child’s routine. This helps to close the summertime learning gap.

Wright also recommends reviewing the previous year’s subjects, as well as those topics planned for the upcoming year. Additional summer fun learning activities can take place in the car or on the plane while traveling.

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