Following the brand’s launch of Snackles and Rainbocorns, ZURU is continuing its expansion into the plush category with Hug-A-Lumps. Hug-A-Lumps are plush toys that weigh 3.3 pounds and have tactile features for sensory play.

“With ZURU’s expanding plush lines, we are always looking for exciting ways to bring freshness to the category,” says Chelsea Stevens, Commercial Lead at ZURU. “Hug-A-Lumps is a great example of this, tapping into trends while also providing a plush with a purpose, especially with raised awareness around childhood anxiety, neurodivergence, and how beneficial sensory and deep tissue pressure can be for kids. Hug-A-Lumps combines the emotional connection of plush characterization with all the benefits of weighted sensory input.”

We see Hug-A-Lumps as not only a line for children but also providing the same benefits for all ages, helping to democratize the weighted plush space, providing a quality product at an accessible price point, leveraging trending animals as well. ZURU’s plush portfolio has grown rapidly over the last couple of years and Hug-A-Lumps is a great addition. Alongside top plush brands such as Rainbocorns and Snackles, we are looking forward to Hug-A-Lumps being a stellar new addition to our established portfolio.
— Chelsea Stevens, Commercial Lead at ZURU

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, there are eight plush in the collection, including Dino, Duck, Pug, Kitten, Crocodile, Sloth, Goose, and Bunny. Hug-A-Lumps will hit shelves in the U.S. starting Aug. 1. 

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