Sun-Mate Corporation has obtained a number of licensing rights to a broad spectrum of entertainment brands, including Star Wars, Spider-Man, Power Rangers, WWE, the recently announced Hello Kitty and KISS joint branding, and the fashion art brand Public Zoo.

For Star Wars, Sun-Mate will develop ATM machines, arcade-style games, tabletop games, and guitars based on the brand.

Spider-Man and other Marvel Heroes, including Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, will be featured among keyboards, drums, ATM machines, and other activities being developed by the company for U.S. consumers. Sun-Mate will also develop various Power Rangers-branded pinball game machines, which will incorporate Power Rangers’ themes of fitness, responsibility, teamwork, and helping others.

For WWE, the company will manufacture a variety of outdoor and backyard games for the entire family, including WWE shooter blasters, pool and beach toys, water guns, and vinyl balls.

Sun-Mate will be developing a range of electronic products for the North American marketplace under the Hello Kitty KISS brand. These products may include cameras, MP3 players, cell phone and iPhone cases, laptop computer cases, microphones, headsets, headphones, SMS text messengers, PDAs, musical instruments, electronic watches, boom boxes, speakers, walkie-talkies, amps, ATM machines, karaoke machines, and doll houses.

Lastly, the company has gained global rights to the Public Zoo license, based on the clothing line, which will allow Sun-Mate to develop personal electronics, such as headphones and iPod and iPhone cases and accessories.

Sun-Mate will continue to manufacture licensed Union Pacific train sets and Chevron Products Company (Chevron, Texaco, and Gulf) toy oil tanker trucks.

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