According to the third wave of StrategyOne’s Annual Holiday Shopping Index, more people, 59 percent, prefer to do their holiday shopping at brick-and-mortar stores and retail outlets, compared to the 41 percent of consumers who prefer to do their holiday shopping online. Women preferred stores over online at a higher percentage (62 percent) than men (56 percent).

The Clicks vs. Bricks holiday survey conducted by StrategyOne asked 1,072 Americans, between November 29-December 1, whether they thought the best deals were found online or in retail stores, where they preferred to shop, and more.
When asked which is the easiest way to do holiday shopping, 74 percent stated online compared to 26 percent who said at stores and retail outlets. The answers were more evenly split when asked about where the best holiday deals are found; 52 percent said online and 48 percent said at stores and retail outlets.
More people (54 percent) thought online shopping was the best way to ensure that they will stick to their holiday budget, and most (87 percent) felt that stores and retail outlets were the best shopping destinations to get into the holiday spirit.
The StrategyOne survey also found that U.S. consumers are disappointed by the amount of bargains in stores this holiday season; 68 percent said there weren’t enough low prices, and 45 percent experienced sticker shock with prices that were generally higher than they expected.