First Anchor Bay Chuggington DVD to Release February 8

Anchor Bay Entertainment, who recently secured the U.S. DVD rights to Ludorum’s Chuggington property, has announced that its first Chuggington release will hit retail stores nationwide on February 8.

The DVD, Let’s Ride the Rails, will introduce preschoolers to the world of Chuggington with six exploration episodes. Lessons taught in the episodes (such as “Clunky Wilson” and “Old Puffer Pete’s Tour”) will include humility, trust, respect, and teamwork. The DVD will also include special bonuses such as Chuggington-themed coloring pages and activity sheets.

More DVDs will release throughout 2011, including Chuggers to the Rescue, It’s Training Time, and Wheels To The Rails. Episodes of the series also debuted on iTunes last month.

I Can Do That! Secures Chuggington License

Through a partnership with Ludorum, I Can Do That! Games has secured game rights to the Chuggington brand. The deal marks the fourth preschool license for the game company. The company will release its first Chuggington game next spring.

Ludorum expects to launch a comprehensive Chuggington consumer products program for preschoolers next year. The program will span multiple categories, including games, toys, books, and DVDs.

Anchor Bay to Distribute Chuggington DVDs in U.S.

Anchor Bay Entertainment has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Ludorum’s Chuggington preschool series. Anchor Bay will distribute Chuggington DVDs to both brick and mortar stores and online retailers starting early next year.

Chuggington airs six days a week on Playhouse Disney. The show follows the adventures of three young “trainees” as they learn about life in the train yard and in the world.

Chuggington is broadcast in 175 territories worldwide and premiered in the U.S. in January. Bill Clark and Julie Cartwright negotiated this deal for Anchor Bay Entertainment.

VTech Appointed as Chuggington Global Licensee

1157 Chugginton Laptop(5) (2)

Ludorum plc has appointed VTech as the global licensee for Chuggington electronic learning products. As part of the deal, in June VTech will launch a new Chuggington laptop, for kids ages 3 and older. The VTech Chuggington Laptop features the show’s characters––such as trainees Wilson, Brewster, and Koko––and their real voices. The laptop includes a Wilson-shaped selector, abc keyboard, and the numbers 1-10 to teach kids language, numbers, logic, and games.

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Chuggington to Premiere on Playhouse Disney


Ludorum’s first preschool property, Chuggington, will premiere on Playhouse Disney in the U.S. on January 18. The train-centric series features 26 interactive episodes, following three best friends who explore, work, and play. Each episode teaches social-emotional values for “riding the rails of life.”

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