Skylanders Imaginators Now Available on Nintendo Switch

SkylandersImaginatorsNintendoActivision Publishing Inc.‘s Skylanders Imaginators is now available for the new Nintendo Switch platform.

Skylanders Imaginators for the Nintendo Switch introduces a digital library that allows players to load and store their toys from the Skylanders franchise directly to the new home gaming system. Players can take their adventures on-the-go with the arrival of the digital library, removing the need for a Portal of Power.

This month, additional characters, including Painyatta and Grave Clobber, and an expansion pack of the game will also be available.The Cursed Tiki Temple level pack is a first in the franchise’s history, which unlocks more than 100 new offerings to Skylanders Imaginators. The pack comes with Sensei character Wild Storm who will unleash a new level to players, a life Creation Crystal, and an Imaginite Mystery Chest.

Skylanders Releases Creator App Before Game Launch

SkylandersCreatorActivision Publishing and Skylanders Imaginators is dedicating the entire month of October to celebrate the launch of the new video game, the Skylanders Academy Netflix original series, and a new mobile app, Skylanders Creator. [Read more...]

Skylanders Imaginators and Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Drawing Contest Invites Fans to Get Creative

Skylanders Imaginatoris LogoMiddle School: The Worst Years of My Life and Skylanders Imaginators partnered for a “Drawing to Life” contest to celebrate the upcoming film release on Oct. 7 and video game debut on Oct. 16.

The “Drawing to Life” contest, which runs through Sept. 30, allows fans to use their imaginations to draw their own unique Skylander and submit a photo of their artwork to Instagram using the hashtag #SkylandersMiddleSchoolContest. Fans will be entered to win a hometown movie screening of Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life with friends and family.

Middle_School- The Worst Years of My Life logo

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges from Toys from Bob and CBS Films.

Skylanders Adventure Club fans who pre-order Skylanders Imaginators between Sept. 24 and Oct. 16 will receive two free movie tickets to Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.   

Click here for official rules and information about the contest.

Skylanders Imaginators Adds Guest Star Crash Bandicoot

Crash BandicootRevealed at the Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC E3 Press Conference, the iconic character Crash Bandicoot, returns this year as a guest star in Skylanders Imaginators. Celebrating his 20th anniversary, Crash will be fully playable as a Sensei character and new toy. [Read more...]

Skylanders Imaginators Brings Customization to Toys to Life Category

Skylanders Game

Today, Activision announced the latest installment to its Skylanders franchise: Skylanders Imaginators.

Set for release on Oct. 16, the new game allows kids to create the Skylanders of their dreams. When kids place the new Creation Crystal onto the Portal of Power, they can prepare to customize a completely unique Skylander on-screen. Kids can mix and match body parts and accessories, and give their Skylander its own name, powers, abilities, catchphrases, musical themes, and more. The one-of-a-kind Skylander will then be saved onto the Creation Crystal, so players can take it with them and play with their creation wherenever they go. There will be one Creation Crystal for each Skylanders element. There are hundreds of different customization options, letting kids focus in on major to minor details, from muscle density, to eye color, to ear shape. [Read more...]