The APC Kids division of About Premium Content (APC) expands the production slate of its animation studio, Zephyr Animation, with Pronto.

The new, CGI-animated adventure series comes from Finnish studio Gigglebug Entertainment. Created by Gigglebug founders Anttu Harlin and Joonas Utti, Pronto will be co-produced by Zephyr and Gigglebug. APC Kids is now seeking broadcaster partners for the series.

Pronto follows the IMP-EX, an elite package delivery service that takes pride in delivering to impossible destinations, recipients, and locales: a black hole, the Loch Ness monster, a beehive, a magic carpet, Jack’s beanstalk beans, or even hair care products for a grumpy Medusa.

“With Pronto, we want to tell the story of a young delivery hero with the most amazing job in the world. But he has a hopeless sense of direction and zero natural talent for the job. Still, Pronto always manages to come out on top because his heart is his compass. It’s the kind of lovable comedy underdog superhero story that really tickles us. Bumps, bruises, and blunders guaranteed,” says Anttu Harlin of Gigglebug Entertainment.