Asmodee Korea’s Kevin Kichan Kim | Source: Asmodee

Following the growth of its brands including Catan, Spot It, Splendor, and Dixit across Korea, Asmodee opened a new office dedicated to serving the South Korean market.

Asmodee Korea Ltd is led by board game industry veteran Kevin Kichan Kim and marks a significant milestone in the company’s expansion in Asia.

“The Korean market has been growing remarkably in the last 10 years, and we’re very excited to introduce even more fantastic game experiences to fans in the region,” Kim says. “A dedicated team on the ground will reinforce Asmodee’s leading market position and allow us to quickly scale our presence in the country through localization of distribution of the entire Asmodee catalog.”

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The Korean toy market is worth an estimated $1.21 billion.

Kim previously held positions at Korea Boardgames, Happy Baboab, and Mandoo Games.