Cepia LLC ZhuZhu PetsAt the North American International Toy Fair, Cepia announced the return of the ZhuZhu Pets brand this fall with new toys, including the magical Amazing Zhus.

ZhuZhu Pets was such a must-have holiday hit in 2009 online that marketer Ebay created a heat map just to track the global phenomenon andĀ TIMEĀ named it as one of the top 100 toys of all time.

The new ZhuZhu Pets toys have embroidered eyes and chubby cheeks, but still have classic features such as birthmark symbols or silly personalities, just like the original ZhuZhu. The launch consists of eight furry friends, including some classic characters such as NumNums, Chunk, Pipsqueak, and Mr. Squiggles, as well as characters that are new to the Zhuniverse. Various habitat accessories that kids can build, change, or rearrange will be sold separately. The new Zhus make even more silly behaviors and sounds, and they know where they are in their play sets.

The Amazing Zhus magician pets are available now in major U.S. retailers. Amazing Zhus are comprised of two Magician Pets with RFID and IR capability and come with three Magicians Cards and a magic wand. There are also four Stunt Pets with more than 70 silly sounds. Magic tricks and stunt accessories are sold separately. These magical mice can predict what’s on a magic card, disappear in a magic box, and correctly follow the shell and pea game, all while showing off their unique, playful personalities.