Crazy Aaron’s is stepping up in a time of need.

The Pennsylvania-based creator of Thinking Putty has shifted production from toys to hand sanitizer to be distributed to municipal workers, healthcare facilities, public utilities, and first responders in the Norristown and Philadelphia communities. The engineering team changed the production line over to hand sanitizer, obtained government approvals, and donated the first 100 gallons in just 72 hours. Hand sanitizer continues to be a much-needed commodity amid the spread of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19.

“Chemistry and formulas are what we do at Crazy Aaron’s. We have the ability to hop on science projects quickly here at Crazy Aaron’s, and we’re looking at this effort to create an FDA-approved hand sanitizer formula as the ultimate science project,” says Founder and Executive Chairman Aaron Muderick. “It’s an honor to help in any way we can during this uncertain time.”

In partnership with Five Saints Distilling, Crazy Aaron’s has secured additional supplies to increase production. Currently, the company can produce 1,500 gallons a day and will continue to increase production.

Organizations looking to purchase quantities of hand sanitizer are encouraged to email for more information.

Virtual Play Dates

Aaron is also hosting daily play dates on Instagram Live in an effort to keep kids and parents entertained and inspired.

Each installment offers fun, educational, and meditative activities that Crazy Aaron’s hopes will serve as “a small refuge for those parents at home trying to balance work and full-time childcare, and will be an educational stress-reliever for the kids who tune in.”