Electronic Arts held its “Naughty or Nice” holiday video game preview in mid-October at a lounge in New York City. At the event, I had a chance to browse all the games and sample a few as well.

The first game I tried my hand at, literally, was Family Game Night 4 The Game Show on the Kinect for Xbox 360. Family Game Night 4 brings the excitement of The Hub network’s TV show right into your living room.

There are a variety of games to choose from, such as Connect 4 Basketball, Yahtzee! Bowling, Scrabble Flash, Sorry! Sliders, Bop-It Boptagon, and Monopoly Crazy Cash. I played Yahtzee! Bowling and Sorry! Sliders, and, in my opinion, both games were awesome and the graphics were great, too.

Next, I moved on to play Popcorn Dragon by Pop Cap on the iPad. Developed for the iOS platform, Popcorn Dragon is a touch-screen experience full of vibrant colors. The dragon, Ignatius Flambe, is ambitious. He breathes fire to pop popcorn kernels, then devours the kernels for points, but must stay away from danger.

The classic movie-themed levels present challenges from velociraptors to aliens. I gathered all the popcorn I could and scored bonus points for upgrades. I plan to become a pro at this game soon!

I also tried FIFA on the PlayStation Vita. For a non-gamer such as myself, I was hooked. Vita has all the classic buttons as previous Sony handhelds, but includes improved graphics and a touchscreen on the front and back. FIFA features soccer teams and players from around the world. Players can touch the screen to pass the ball from player to player and go in for the score, or use the traditional controls.

Whatever your game preference, the “Naughty or Nice” event had something for everyone to enjoy.

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