Elenco, maker of Snap Circuits products, introduces Teach Tech, a new line of educational toys focusing on hands-on building. The company will unveil two coding robot kits — Tobbie II and Mech-5 — at Toy Fair New York, offering demos of new green energy and robotics kits in the line.

The new products will appeal to kids who enjoy building, tinkering, and then bringing their creations to life with movement, coding, and programming. Plus, future-minded kids can investigate alternative power sources with kits that highlight solar, hydraulic, wind, or air power.

With Tobbie II, kids can build a robot, then code and program it with MakeCode or Phython Editor. With six legs and a fully rotational body, the Bluetooth-controlled Tobbie includes a motor, infrared sensors, buzzers, and BBC Micro:bit.

Mech-5 is a mission-based STEM coding robot with a mechanical coding wheel instead of a computer. Kids just snap coding buttons onto the coding wheel to initiate movement, such as forward, backward, turn, spin, or pause.

Teach Tech will be available at specialty stores, larger retailers, and online this summer.

The new line isn’t all Elenco has in store, though. In line with Teach Tech’s focus on renewable energy, the company also introduces Snap Circuits Green Energy, a reboot of its Snap Circuits Green item. (Snap Circuits BRIC: Structures is a 2019 TOTY finalist.) The new iteration features new parts and content for today’s exploration into alternative energy concepts, including electric cars, windmills, and hand-generated power.