The Glo-Up Girls are ready to Rock! | Source: Far Out Toys/The Toy Book

There’s a new girl group in town.

Far Out Records — the newly formed music division of Far Out Toys — held a virtual listening party this past Friday to unleash the music video for “Rock Your GLO,” the new single from GLOTIVATION, a pop quartet chosen to represent the Glo-Up Girls fashion doll brand. GLOTIVATION is comprised of Lulu Tani, Malikah “Sparkle” Shabbazz, Abigail Zoe Lewis, and Robyn “Saucy” Johnson, four girls that were discovered during a global talent search.

The virtual listening hosted by the GEM Sisters was broadcast from Far Out Studios in El Segundo, California. During the event, fans got a look at the music video alongside a look behind-the-scenes of the production.

“The core promise of the Glo-Up Girls brand is that with a little ‘glotivation’ you can take on the world,” says Executive Producer Sarah Baskin of Far Out Studios.

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At press time, the “Rock Yout GLO” music video has already received more than 589,000 views. The song is also available on major streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music, and the video content will soon be added to leading video-on-demand platforms, including Kidoodle.TV.

For more insight into GLOTIVATION, check out this exclusive spotlight video from our sister publication, the Toy Insider:

Glo-Up Girls fashion dolls are now available at Target stores across the U.S. and at the identically named, yet unrelated Target in Australia.