Source: The Simplay3 Co./The Toy Book

Amid the ongoing global shipping crisis, one point that keeps being discussed is a move toward making more toys in the U.S. again.

While that’s a nice thought, the reality is a lot more complex which means you can’t just flip a switch and have the ability to make things domestically again. But some toys can be made in the U.S., and in Ohio, rotationally molded plastic toys are big business. Now, as speed to market becomes a hotter issue than ever, one new toy is hitting the market for the holidays in near-record time.

According to Brian McDonald, vice president of sales and marketing at The Simplay3 Co., the Ohio-based company teamed up with Walmart to bring a new playset from concept to sale in just 17 weeks.

“The Simplay3 Monster City Extreme Wheels Track brings both monster truck off-road play and city streets extreme racing into one durable, portable play table,” McDonald said on LinkedIn. “Made in the USA means inventory will not be an issue!”

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The two-sided playset takes after 2018’s Carry & Go Track Table in that it’s an easy-to-carry, easy-to-store set. It’s compatible with many 1:64-scale die-cast brands, including Walmart’s Adventure Force house brand, Mattel’s Hot Wheels Monster Trucks and Spin Master’s Monster Jam collection.

The Simplay3 Monster City Extreme Wheels Track is available now at