This week marked the launch of FunGoPlay, a virtual world that bridges the gap between offline and online active play. Targeted at kids ages 6-11, the online sports theme park uses connected FunGoPlay Sports Gear, currently a soccer ball and flying disk, to track play periods and reward kids in the online world for their offline activity.

When children visit the virtual world, they can explore a huge theme park filled with sports ranging from the classics to extreme sports. The world also features mini-games, unique characters, and customizable avatars.

The physical FunGoPlay toys, at launch a flying disk and soccer ball, use motion detection electronics to measure play periods. Every seven minutes of play generates a code that can translate into in-game bonuses, points, and power-ups.

For online safety, FunGoPlay has partnered with Metaverse Mod Squad to help manage and grow the site’s online community, while providing a safe environment for kids. The site will also soon expand into mobile platforms.

FunGoPlay has a freemium model; the site is free for all visitors, but to fully explore the world there are multiple subscription options. A monthly subscription of $6.95 will include the flying disk, while a 3-month subscription for $18.95 will include the soccer ball.  For a $59.95 annual membership, kids will receive both the flying disk and soccer ball. All costs include shipping and handling. For more information, visit