Funnybone Launches Specialty Toy and Game Line

FunnyboneFunnybone Toys has a new line of products for the specialty toy and games market that combines form, function, and minimalist design. Products in the line include Disruptus, which uses disruptive thinking to help users innovate by encouraging different ideas and approaches. Another product, Arazzles, lets players explore geometrical configurations. Each set features cards with one of five different patterns of slots that allow abstract building and design opportunities.

Funnybone’s Array is a colorful take on dominoes that utilizes multi-color cards. Special slice and splice rules allow players to use more cards in each turn. Spectrix is a fast-paced, colorful take on the classic game Rummy, in which the objective is to get rid of all the cards in one’s hand. Lastly, Cubu plays on visual illusions to confuse players as they try to follow number and color sequences. The game forces players to use both sides of their brain at the same time.

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Maddie Michalik

Maddie Michalik

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