Jack Static received a new message … fun lies ahead. | Source: HEXBUG

The world of Junkbots is expanding to becoming a multiplatform effort spanning toys, a CGI web series, and a dedicated universe within Roblox.

HEXBUG teamed up with Wind Sun Sky (WSS) to craft new content in support of the second season of Junkbots toys that will hit stores in the weeks ahead led by the all-new environment-based Junkbots Factory Collection playsets.

“We are always looking to innovate and the expansion into Roblox and a larger presence on YouTube is a prime example of our forward-thinking,” says Tony Norman, co-founder and CEO of Innovation First International, the company behind HEXBUG. “We took our cue directly from kids and delivered an expansive new play experience that spans across multiple platforms that truly immerses them into the Junkbots metaverse through the blend of gaming, play, and entertainment. Our partnership with Wind Sun Sky has allowed us to take this to a whole new level.”

Source: HEXBUG

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The cross-platform approach weaves storytelling through the new Junkbots toy line, an 8-part animated series on YouTube, and a multi-chapter Roblox story game. Kids can use custom codes embedded into the toy packaging to unlock digital content within Roblox.

“I can proudly say that the Junkbots universe rollout is a rich, engaging, and boundary-pushing cross-platform narrative experience for fans and future fans of this amazing toy,” says Wind Sun Sky CEO and Executive Producer Catherine Winder. “Storytelling and worldbuilding is our expertise, and the Junkbots web series by our phenomenal team dares to take things a step further. Fans will laugh and become inspired as they watch in awe, then continue the story on Roblox and with their toys.”

New Junkbots content will begin to debut in late July with new toys emerging at retail by late August.