ICTICareICTI Care has developed an auditor assessment toll to enable toy factories to evaluate and give feedback on the performance on off-side auditors. This online assessment tool is the first of its kind for factories undergoing social compliance audits.

Factories offer insights into the performance and conduct of auditors during the audit process, and ICTI CARE’s new auditor assessment tool enables factories to both evaluate and feedback on the performance of on-site auditors that audit their facility.

The auditor assessment tool is integrated into ICTI CARE’s responsible sourcing platform, ICPS. Factories are required to complete the auditor assessment for every audit they undergo. As well as providing an anonymous, numerical assessment, factories can also request a confidential follow-up call from ICTI CARE to report concerns relating to quality or integrity issues. The assessment tool is easy to use and all feedback received is anonymous and strictly confidential.

ICTI CARE has received over 1,100 auditor assessments from factories around the world since the function was launched at the end of March.

ICTI CARE conducts quarterly KPI reviews of all ICTI CARE accredited audit firms to monitor their performance to ensure all audits are of the highest standard. The analysis of anonymous feedback gathered from factories will be included in the KPI reviews in order to provide a complete picture of audit firm performance.