Escape Room: The Game | Source: Identity Games

Identity Games International BV is refocusing its efforts in the U.S.

Following the downsizing of its U.S. office in Washington over the past year, the Rotterdam-based company made the decision to close its Stateside outpost in favor of distribution partnerships.

“In the U.S. we are happy to have Spin Master as our mass-market distribution partner for Escape Room,” says Jeroen Nugteren, managing director of Identity Games. “Upcoming product launches like Nightmare Horror Adventures and BBC Planet Earth Animals are also better suited to be sold by U.S.-based toy companies with a strong marketing foothold.”

Since 2013, Identity Games has seen several successful U.S. launches for titles including Boom Boom Balloon, Find It, Poopy Head, and Mouthguard Challenge.

In addition to its relationship with Spin Master, Identity Games works with Kroeger Inc. on a variety of products. The company says it plans to grow its distribution partnerships in the U.S. to match the volume of its games sold in Europe. that will be