The LEGO Group celebrates the 50th anniversary of LEGO DUPLO, its large brick for small hands. Launched in 1969, DUPLO is derived from the Latin word ‘duplex,’ meaning double. LEGO DUPLO bricks are twice the size of classic LEGO bricks on all dimensions, carefully designed to help toddlers engage in creative, playful experiences.

The desire was for all LEGO bricks to fit into the LEGO System, but finding the 2:1 scale solution was no easy task. The company explored a 4:1 and 3:1 scale before Godtfred Kirk Christiansen—the company’s second generation owner—came up with the idea to hollow the studs on LEGO DUPLO bricks in 1968. This meant that kids could combined them with classic LEGO bricks, and thereby formed the basis for safe and more age-appropriate LEGO building experiences for the youngest kids.

LEGO DUPLO products have evolved over the years, introducing a mix of structural and character-based role play themes to the youngest builders. In its 50th year, LEGO DUPLO gets its first-ever LEGO Movie product, including DUPLO versions of Emmet and Lucy.

For a deeper look at the history of LEGO DUPLO and the play patterns it supports, visit the 50th Anniversary hub.