Check out some of the new Bluey products from Maurizio Distefano. | Source: Maurizio Distefano

Maurizio Distefano, the Italian licensing agent for BBC Studios’ animated show Bluey and Giochi Preziosi, Italian distributor of Moose Toys, just launched a new collection of Bluey toys in Italy. 

Inspired by the colorful world of Bluey, the collection includes plush toys of Bluey and sister Bingo and six sets of action figures based on the show. Additionally, there will be two mini playsets and a Heeler 4WD family vehicle. 

Bluey has acquired a significant audience of preschoolers in Italy on Disney+, Rai YoYo, and YouTube. The show has achieved major commercial success — registering a 10.38% share on RaiYoYo, taking second place in total time spent and third place for most viewed series by children on Rai Play. The animated series follows the adventures of a blue heeler dog and his friends and family. 

“As soon as I saw Bluey, I knew that it had strong potential in the Italian market but even this may be an understatement”, says Maurizio Distefano. “The success of the animated series in Italy has encouraged many Italian licensees to partner with the property already and this success looks like it will continue for some time.”

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To support this launch, there will be several promotions in place including commercials that are set to target all preschool TV platforms. The Bluey line is available now in Italy at major retailers and specialty toy stores.

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