Ludacris listening to “Puppy Love” with the Scruff-a-Luvs Cutie Cuts | Source: Moose Toys/ the Toy Book

Ludacris and Moose Toys have partnered together to create a song that celebrates rescue pets and the new Scruff-a-Luvs Cutie Cuts.

“Puppy Love” is available today exclusively on KidNation, an interactive platform for kids co-founded by the Grammy-award winner. Kids will also hear it in the Cutie Cuts TikTok campaign. The song highlights the newest addition to the Toy of the Year Award-winning brand as well as the importance of grooming and caring for pets.

“Music will always be the best way for me to get an important message out there. It was an honor for me and my company, KidNation, to team up with Moose Toys to make a song about showing compassion for animals,” says Ludacris.

Cutie Cuts launched earlier this fall and provides kids with a chance to really groom their furry friends. Each one starts off messy and matted and kids have to wash, “shave,” and accessorize it. The included clippers feel real but don’t actually cut anything so they’re safe for kids to use. The packaging for the plush turns into a salon for the Cutie Cuts to have the full pampering experience.

Find “Puppy Love” here.

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Nicole Savas

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