Making its debut at CES 2020 earlier this week, educational technology (edtech) startup Thinker-Tinker Inc. introduced the general availability of Octobo, the first plush learning robot.

“Thinker-Tinker has exhibited unique skills in leveraging technology, software, and understanding of the consumer segments that can benefit from their method of smart integration,” said Ken Blakeslee, chairman at WebMobility Ventures, in a statement. “Octobo is a multimedia platform integrated into a plush toy — an octopus — with sensors all over it, combined with games, content, apps, and storybooks plus interactive pieces to show and give to Octobo. It is, in fact, a platform for many applications where human touch and cognitive association are an important element of learning, therapy, leisure, or entertainment.”


The octopus plush learning robot was designed to improve motor and social interaction skills through innovative sensory technology and is compatible with tablets up to 8 inches. Octobo uses interactive storytelling and a companion educational app, titled Octobo Storytime Play, to highlight different learning lessons. The app is currently available on iTunes and Google Play. The robot was created to change screen time, focus on play, introduce interactive and dynamic content — all while staying soft and cuddly for kids.

Octobo is available now in two varieties, the standard pack and the advanced pack. The standard pack is ideal for babies ages 0-3 years and includes the plush robot, six interactive tokens, and the Underwater Adventure story kit. The advanced pack expands the starter pack challenge for kids ages 3-7 with a letter-search game and comes with 26 story tokens, a new storybook, and eight educational games.