Eco-Bricks and Playhard Heroes Sets | Source: Once-Kids/the Toy Book

As environmental awareness grows prevalent, new generations need engaging and informative products to aid their understanding of concepts like sustainability and natural resources. Once-Kids aims to satisfy that need through their diverse product line of eco-friendly playsets.

The hand-crafted action figures and city-inspired block sets are made with natural, renewable bamboo wood to help fight deforestation and prevent plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Eco-Bricks line is available in sets of 24, 45, 90, 145, and 250 pieces. These interlocking block construction sets are both customizable and buildable to aid in the development of fine-motor and visual-spatial skills. The bricks’ smooth, blank surfaces make painting and coloring feasible while adding a personalized touch to houses, spaceships, trucks, and other wooden creations.

Wanderlust Paris Set | Source: Once-Kids

Priced $19.99 and $29.99, respectively, the 24- and 45-piece sets include wooden blocks, covers, wheel and axle pairs, and 10 colored pencils. Priced from $49.99 to $109.99, the 90-, 145-, and 250-piece sets include the previous features, as well as bases for a stronger building foundation. Each Eco-Bricks set is packaged in a laser-engraved, wooden storage box.

The Playhard Heroes line is less buildable but more playable with its detailed, poseable action figures. This line is useful for developing creative storytelling and communication skills, and each hero is named after a different tree species to add an educational edge. Sycamore, Birch, Fir, and other characters are made of colorful, sturdy wooden parts connected by elastic string and metal hinges, each priced at $18.

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From New York City to Hong Kong, the Wanderlust line reimagines the world’s big cities in a miniaturized, environmentally-conscious light. Each set includes nine to 14 block pieces that make an ideal landscape backdrop for classrooms, playrooms, and other spaces. Priced at $30, the Wanderlust line comes packed in a laser-engraved, wooden storage box similar to other Once-Kids products.

The Eco-Bricks, Playhard Heroes, and Wanderlust lines are all available at Once-Kids contributes 1% of total sales directly to the Trash Free Seas Alliance to aid in the cleanup of plastic from our oceans.

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