The startup is repackaging content from top YouTube kids’ channels, including Ryan ToysReview, into half-hour TV show formats that are now streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, according to an article by Variety.

The first format is called “Ultimate Mishmash,” which strings together best-of clips from’s collection of YouTubers into 22-minute episodes. The initial series are individually dedicated to five creator partners: Ryan ToysReview, HobbyKidsTV, EvanTubeHD, JillianTubeHD, and CaptainSparklez. also has an original half-hour series called “ Challenge Squad,” in which a team takes part in fun challenges, such as Oreo taste-tastes.

Hulu licensed a total of 90 episodes from on a nonexclusive basis, including 15 episodes of the five “Ultimate Mishmash” series and 15 episodes of “ Challenge Squad.”

Amazon Prime Video’s selection includes about 40 episodes of new shows in the U.S. receives a cut of Prime subscription revenue, based on viewing time. began production on a sixth new TV series called “ Digital Superstars” that will mash up popular videos from its YouTube creator affiliates and the Challenge Squad in 22-minute episodes hosted by Bubbles, a kid-friendly dog puppet. The first 26 episodes will be available for distribution this winter. is looking to sell the collection of TV shows internationally through a pact with Paramount Pictures. also is about to drop its first book, Watch this Book!, with an Oct. 23 release date with Simon & Schuster’s Simon Spotlight. The tome promises a behind-the-videos look into the lives of Ryan ToysReview, HobbyKidsTV, EvanTubeHD, and JillianTubeHD, with an introduction by CaptainSparklez.

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