Fans can purchase exclusive trading cards and collectibles at Collect Forever. | Source: Upper Deck

Upper Deck, the collectibles company known for its entertainment trading cards, debuts Collect Forever, a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) collectibles distribution platform. Collect Forever is an outlet that fans can use to purchase, store, and trade every type of collectible. 

The launch was announced at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) by Upper Deck President Jason Masherah who shared details on what properties fans can expect to see on the new platform such as products from Marvel, DC Comics, and Funko Pop! 

Collect Forever debuts six years after the release of e-Pack, Upper Deck’s online platform that allowed fans to purchase, open, collect, and trade digital and physical trading cards, anytime and anywhere —- instantly. Through e-Pack fans could view an entire collection and sort and store it digitally, creating less need for physical storage space. Collect Forever is integrated into e-Pack seamlessly, allowing ePack’s users to link directly with Collect Forever to purchase, store, and trade collectibles, cards, and comics. 

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“What’s particularly exciting about Collect Forever is that users will be able to interact and store their collectibles digitally while also having access to each physical product, bridging the benefits of an NFT with a true, tangible collectible,” Masherah says, “Our experience with e-Pack has proven that this is particularly appealing to collectors and fans and remains a key point of difference with Collect Forever”

Marvel trading cards, comic books, and other popular franchises will be available at Collect Forever. | Source: Upper Deck

Comic books purchased through Collect Forever will arrive in a tamper-proof PETG case. Additionally, the comics will include a label that displays the comic book title, cover artist, writer, and a QR code that directs to a website that provides more information about the collectible. Collect Forever will also give fans the opportunity to receive rare comic book variant covers by purchasing any eligible comic marked with “potential variant.” 

To celebrate the launch of the platform, Collect Forever will release an exclusive Michael Jordan Funko Pop! The collectible will feature Jordan wearing a red Chicago Bulls jersey with the No. 12 and no last name on the back. The 4.25-inch figure will include a unique QR code and identification number.

Additionally, Upper Deck is once again partnering with Dynamics Inc., a company known for providing secure payment and loyalty platforms to ensure a safe environment for all Collect Forever transactions.

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