SkylandersSuperChargers,HotStreakSkylanders SuperChargers, from Activision Publishing Inc., will be available on select iPads, the iPhone, and the iPod touch beginning October 25 in North America. The Starter Packs for each will include a Bluetooth portal, an embedded Bluetooth controller, and a built-in stand.

Once they have downloaded Skylanders SuperChargers, players will get Instant Spit Fire and Instant Hot Streak for free. In-app purchases will unlock Instant versions of the Skylanders characters Dive-Clops, Dive Bomber, Super Shot Stealth Elf, and Stealth Stinger.

The full AAA Skylanders SuperChargers game will be available via select iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch. The expansion offers a new cloud save feature, which allows for portability between multiple Apple devices.

The availability of the online co-op, multiplayer racing, single-player adventure, local co-op, and head-to-head racing via split screen modes will depend on the model of iPad, iPhone, and iPod.