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The future of toys is green.

Rather than picking the usual three main trend categories, the Spielwarenmesse international TrendCommitte has named “Toys go Green” as its mega-trend for 2022. Reflecting the global importance of sustainability, the trend is further divided up into four relevant categories: Made by Nature, Inspired by Nature, Recycle & Create, and Discover Sustainability.

During the show, taking place from Feb. 2-6, 2022, a special area in Hall 3A will be dedicated to showcasing related product in each of the categories. Attendees will also have a chance to try them out. Scroll down below to read Spielwarenmesse‘s breakdown of each category. Next door at the Toy Business Forum, industry participants can similarly learn about “Toys go Green” from daily expert presentations.

Made by Nature: bamboo, cork, and more

Wooden toys such as building blocks and sorting games have long been firm fixtures in countless children’s playrooms. The “Made by Nature” section demonstrates that toys can also be made from many other natural materials. The range of raw materials that nature has to offer is broad and diverse, and includes products such as maize, rubber, bamboo, wool, and cork.

Inspired by Nature: the plastics of the future

The “Inspired by Nature” segment likewise revolves around renewable raw materials. The production of plastics is heavily dependent on fossil resources such as oil, coal, and natural gas. This product category demonstrates that there are other ways, too. It presents toys made from bio-based plastics that are environmentally friendly.

Recycle & Create: new from old

Sustainably manufactured products are at the heart of the “Recycle & Create” category. On the one hand, it showcases toys made of recycled raw materials; on the other, it focuses on creating new toy ideas with upcycling.

Discover Sustainability: learning through play

Toys can help children to understand complex situations by simplifying and clarifying them. The segment displays toys that use play to explain topics such as environment and climate, and to make children aware of the issues.

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