Spin Master Entertainment has secured worldwide broadcast and streaming deals for its series of animated shorts, Hatchimals: Adventures in Hatchtopia.

Based on the toy line, the series of 44 three-minute shorts follow the hatchings and discoveries of four main heroes: Penguala, Cheetree, Draggle, and Puppit. The series is available on Netflix globally; Carousel in Russia; Nelonen and Ruutu in Finland; RTL in the Netherlands; MYTFT1 and TFOUMAX in France; SUPER RTL in Germany; Discovery Corporate Services in Italy; Viacom in Poland; Medialaan by DPG Media in Belgium; and ejunior the Middle East.

“Hatchimals is a global brand kids know and love, and creatively we were able to translate the magic and wonder of the toy line into entertainment,” says Thom Chapman, senior director, sales and distribution at Spin Master Entertainment. “From its conception, Hatchimals had storylines to explore and worlds to uncover, and we are able to tell these stories perfectly via these snackable episodes, which will be sure to entertain and capture the imaginations of children around the globe.”

Hatchimals: Adventures in Hatchtopia originally debuted on YouTube last year.

This fall, the world of Hatchimals will expand again at retail, with details to be revealed in the coming weeks.