Kids’ music sensation The Wiggles is welcoming a new member to the team.

The Wiggles is an Australian music group that got its start back in 1991. The group has only risen in fame since, creating catchy children’s music classics such as “Fruit Salad,” “Captain Feathersword,” and “Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car.” In addition to a series of album releases, The Wiggles has seen success with a TV series, a YouTube channel, and more. Now, the larger The Wiggles organization is preparing for its next steps with the appointment of a new CEO, Luke O’Neill.

Luke delivers the high-level, innovative thinking The Wiggles can strongly benefit from as we further evolve and expand our brand and its entertainment offerings.
— Founding Member and Blue Wiggle Anthony Field

O’Neill has previous experience working within a variety of industry settings, such as real estate, hospitality, and events. He’s been serving as a consultant for The Wiggles brand since last year, and is ready to step into his new role.

The CEO position is newly created for the organization, and marks the brand’s future goals to expand commercial operations. The Wiggles, under O’Neill, aims to see new products, licensing deals, and other opportunities across the globe. “Together, we will continue to create memorable experiences for children and families around the world,” O’Neill says.

The Wiggles has a long history of providing children with unique entertainment and shows no signs of slowing down. The entertainment organization reports that its board is confident O’Neill will help lead the brand in positive directions during this new chapter.

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