THQ Announces Costume Quest for XBLA, PSN

THQ has teamed with developer Double Fine Productions, Inc. for a new video game, Costume Quest. The game puts players in the role of a brother and sister who move to a new town just before Halloween. Players take control of one avatar as other members of the party follow behind a la Grandia and Evolution.

As players visit houses to trick-or-treat, they collect candy corn, costume pieces, and special cards to be used later in the game. The version I saw last month featured several costumes for each of the four characters. One costume was a robot that (when activated during the game’s turn-based RPG-style battles) transforms the player into a robot warrior much like the mecha (the giant robots) from Robotech.

A THQ spokesperson said gamers can expect to spend six to seven hours on the main mission when the game is released this fall, around two weeks before Halloween. The game will be available for download via Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade, as well as the PlayStation Network. Pricing for the XBLA edition was at a tentative 1,200 Microsoft Points, or around $14.

The development team for Costume Quest is headed by Tim Schafer, creator of  Grim Fandango and Psychonauts. Tasha Harris is the game’s lead animator.

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Justin McCraw

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