TOMY will introduce a variety of new products and licensed toys this weekend at Toy Fair New York, at booth No. 3003.

According to Pete Henseler, TOMY president, the licensed products include Ricky Zoom, Lion King, and Toy Story. Other highlights from TOMY include:

Ritzy Rollerz

This new line features vehicle-based collectibles that kids can accessorize. The Ritzy Rollers line includes two play sets — Heelz on Wheelz and Dance n Dazzle Spa. The line will be available this fall.

Doodle Bear

TOMY relaunches The Original Doodle Bear this fall, along with a Doodle Bear Studio app. Kids can draw on the Doodle Bear, then use the app to further decorate the bear and create personalized messages and animations.


This fall, TOMY introduces two new WWE products. WWE Smash Brawlers are figures kids can collect and battle, while kids can slip their hands into themed WWE Blitz Brawlers and battle for the title.

Club Mocchi

Designed in Japan, this line of plush toys starts with a Mario Kart Clip On Collectible Plush series this spring and a Super Mario-themed second series in the fall.


TOMY expands its Lamaze line with the Octotunes Lay, Sit & Play Mat; Freddie’s Activity Bus; Mitchell Moonwalker Stacker; and a Grab & Hide Ball.

Toomies Parade Pals

TOMY expands its Toomies line with Parade Pals, interactive animals that sing songs and interact with each other. The pals are sold separately or in the Parade Pals Sundae Funday Playset.