Zigazoo, a social media network for kids, is launching Social Media Wellness Month to encourage healthier relationships with the internet. 

The new campaign is designed to educate kids, parents, and lawmakers on how to improve social media to be a healthier experience, including emphasizing safety and privacy. Several resources will be available throughout the month, including content created by Zigazoo’s Gen Alpha Superstars, conversations with experts, and toolkits for families. 

Instead of scaring and restricting kids, we should be empowering and equipping them to navigate social media and tech in ways that will fuel their health, happiness, and future success.
— Laura Tierney, founder of The Social Institute

According to the Surgeon General’s recent social media advisory, nearly half of teenagers report decreased body confidence, and almost two-thirds report exposure to hate-based content. Zigazoo aims to address this crisis by encouraging other social media apps to protect their users.

Mainstream social media companies like TikTok, Snapchat, and Meta know exactly what they’re doing and aren’t even pretending to care about the health and well-being of their users, particularly children. It’s sickening.
— Zak Ringelstein, CEO of Zigazoo

Social Media Wellness Month runs alongside National Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

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Ashley Pelletier

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