Butterfly in a Jar

Gemmy Industries is well-known for introducing products that go beyond the scope of “novelty” to be considered a “craze.” Remember Big Mouth Billy Bass and Frankie the Fish? Well this new item is a little more refined (i.e. it doesn’t talk). It’s a butterfly in a jar. Now before you get upset, it’s not a real butterfly, it’s pretend. But if you’re sensitive, you still might feel a little bit bad for the trapped butterfly. Don’t try to let it go free, it’s not real! You can enjoy the butterfly’s beauty, without any guilt.

Tap on the jar and the butterfly flutters about. Everyone who walks by my desk has asked, “Is that a real butterfly?” No. It’s not. So stop looking at me like that.

For more information, visit www.gemmy.com.


    1. For anyone in Canada hunting for these, you can find them for sale online at Shits N’ Giggles (www.shitsngiggles.biz).

    2. SmalltownMom says:

      LOVE THIS!!! It is beautiful. My daughter got it for Christmas, but we love it so much we keep it in our kitchen window. Sometimes it flutters when we turn the sink on, or just walk by, it is absolutely beautiful. Everyone who sees it falls in love with it. And yes, I do sometimes feel sorry for the butterfly for a second, then I remember it is just a toy, and no butterflies have been harmed :) It looks so real it is easy to forget that it is just a toy.

    3. jojo says:

      If you haven’t found these butterfly collection jars, I just saw them for sale in Kmart today, January 9th! They cost $14.99 I believe, and they were really cool. I thought my cat would love it!

    4. For everyone asking about where to buy Gemmy’s “Butterfly Collection,” they’re available at all LOWES and CRACKER BARREL stores. However, demand has been huge and many stores are already sold out. They will also be available (in January) at all KMART stores…so help is on the way!

    5. Sharon says:

      Amazon.com also has them but the are “unavailable at this time”.

    6. Conrad J. Myers says:

      I am in tucson,az and I need to know where to buy “butterfly in a jar”
      Mr. Myers

    7. Julie says:

      Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, carries them but they are going fast!!!

    8. Irwin says:

      Where can you fine the butterfly jar I am going crazy trying to find one.


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