Butterfly in a Jar

Gemmy Industries is well-known for introducing products that go beyond the scope of “novelty” to be considered a “craze.” Remember Big Mouth Billy Bass and Frankie the Fish? Well this new item is a little more refined (i.e. it doesn’t talk). It’s a butterfly in a jar. Now before you get upset, it’s not a real butterfly, it’s pretend. But if you’re sensitive, you still might feel a little bit bad for the trapped butterfly. Don’t try to let it go free, it’s not real! You can enjoy the butterfly’s beauty, without any guilt.

Tap on the jar and the butterfly flutters about. Everyone who walks by my desk has asked, “Is that a real butterfly?” No. It’s not. So stop looking at me like that.

For more information, visit www.gemmy.com.

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Jackie Breyer

Jackie Breyer

Jackie Breyer is the vice president of Adventure Media & Events, and group publisher of The Toy Book, The Toy Insider, and The Pop Insider. She has been reporting on retail and toy industry trends for more than 20 years. Jackie has been featured in the Netflix series The Toys That Made Us, The History Channel’s The Toys That Built America, and Nat Geo’s The ’80s Top 10: Toys, as well as The TODAY show, CNBC's Power Lunch, NBC News, CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, and more. Jackie is the 2012 recipient of the Wonder Woman in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment Award in the field of Journalism & Social Media. A true ’80s kid, Jackie is a fan of Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Super Mario, Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Archie Comics. Her first Cabbage Patch Kid was named Cecily Aretha. She still has her charm necklace, and her Garbage Pail Kid card collection is bigger than yours. Jackie has successfully trained her kids Lena and Henry to be Mario Kart experts. You can follow her on social media @jackiebreyer and connect with her on LinkedIn.